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by caroline

What a wonderful weekend in West Palm Beach, FL! I am not one to complain about winter weather — I like all of the seasons! — but it was definitely nice to take a break from chilly temperatures. We spent the weekend visiting with Dan’s mom, her husband and, of course, fur babies! Check out the pics above, including the one of me (naturally) spooning with a Rottweiler who weighs more than I do.

One of my favorite finds during the trip was Field of Greens on Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach. Lots of yummy salads and sandwiches (nothing gluten-free that I noticed), but I was keen on the part of the menu that was sip-worthy. I’m talking smoothies and juices GALORE. I “indulged” a bit and ordered two drinks: The Green Goddess Smoothie (kale, pineapple, banana, and almond milk) and Green Ivy juice (spinach, kale, apple, beet, carrot and ginger). OMG-YUM. If you look at the pics above, then you will see I demonstrated my own version of double fisting –– ha!

The people and atmosphere of the restaurant are also GANGBUSTERS –– super-friendly staff and awesome interior design. Did you see the picture above of the “carpet”? It’s spray painted on! Too cool, right?!

While I was away, I also put together this workout for you …

FREE Pilates Cardio Workout

All you have to do is download it at the link above and get to work! It is a 15-minute, at-home, no-equipment-required Pilates Cardio Workout! In my opinion, these types of workouts are THE JAM. We live in a busy, busy world, cupcakes, and these days it’s important that we find time to squeeze in a sweat session. Why not do it while dinner is in the oven? Or the baby is taking a nap? Or when you feel like the last thing you want to do is workout, but you JUST MIGHT have 15 minutes in you?


I have also started a Gluten-Free Lifestyle page over at TribeSports where we can chat, share workouts and recipes, and ask questions. Sound fun? Join me!

What fitness goal are you currently trying to meet? I have been totally slacking on stretching and yoga, so I am working on getting some of my flexibility back. Even if I don’t feel like it, I add a few minutes on at the end of my workout or roll out a mat for a 5- to 10-minute stretch while I am watching a bit of television.

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. ♥ Chat soon!