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A D-yliscious Morning

by caroline

I love breakfast! Well, I love eating. But I especially like all of the foods that = breakfast.

Like yogurt and berries … and waffles … and omelets … and muffins. Oh, muffins! I love a good muffin.  They smell so yummy when they’re baking in the oven, and it’s so much fun to play with various ingredients and dream up new recipes.

And sometimes it’s also just nice to have a box of ’em sent your way.

How gorgeous are these? I am just so absolutely smitten with these muffins from Phyliscious Treats … and that was before I even had a chance to taste them.

The wonderful creator of the muffins, Phyllis Alario, sent over a batch of these gluten-free banana walnut and double dark chocolate muffins, and I had a slice of each with my omelet this morning. (There’s also a blueberry flavor.)

Oh, my gosh, it was such a nice treat!

The banana walnut has a wonderful flavor and I love the chocolate chips in the double dark chocolate muffins. So TASTY — I ended up having a few more slices!

The details: All of the muffins are made in a facility that does not share machinery with dairy. Separate machinery is used for all gluten-free items. Items are made on machinery that does use nuts. There are only 160-210 calories per muffin, and they are all made with extra virgin olive oil and whole grains.

I think these muffins would make such a nice gift for a gluten-free pal. Or, hey, even a little treat for myself now and then. ;)

Thanks, Phyllis, for sending these along!