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A Perfect Match: Chocolate PB Cups

by caroline

Sometimes things get a little busy ’round here … and I don’t get to share something yummy with you … and then I feel like I need to make up for it …

Lucky you.

I have told you in the past that I am completely obsessed with the peanut butter and chocolate combo, whether it’s in the form of ice cream, granola or cupcakes. So, when I first read Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet a couple of years ago, you can imagine what recipe had me at hello-I’m-a-healthier-but-still-delicious-version-of-Reese’s-peanut-butter-cups: The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

The good news –– they’re delicious. The bad news –– the original recipe is not gluten-free.

Since, going gluten-free a little more than a year ago, I have not been able to make these pb cups, but the other day I bit of inspiration popped into my head and I thought, “Eureeka — this just might work!”

And by golly it did. Check ’em out in all of their gluten-free glory.


So simple to make … worth every bite.