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A Very Thankful Recap …

by caroline

… Thanksgiving week was a complete blast!

From the ethnic Cuban dinners my mother-in-law made the first couple of nights we were visiting Florida to the gluten-free Thanksgiving dinner (and desserts!) that made my belly a happy camper, I was very grateful to have been surrounded by so much fun, laughter, love and, naturally, good food!

Check out the straight-from-the-farm avocado that was the size of a grapefruit! My MIL’s parents live on a farm on Miami where they grow a lot of their own crops, and amongst the pickings are these tasty avocados and one of my favorites –– plantains! Pair these babies with black beans, rice and a little fish, and you have a dinner that is to die for. The first night, we also had a some veggie soup because of the fact that I was still feeling a little under the weather. A bowl of get-bettter-soon health!

I also loved the local birds that were taking a stroll down the street when I stepped out the door for my run on Thanksgiving morning. Aren’t they funky?

We returned from Florida on Friday, and I had a chance to have some lunch with my mom and sister, Amanda, before heading to work. And last night we wrapped up our festivities à la gratitude by going out to dinner with my sister and her fiancé, Anthony.

It was wonderful and delicious all the way around!


How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was full of fun!

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