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all thai-ed up.

by caroline

One of my favorite ethnic cuisines is Thai food –– hands down. No ifs, ands or buts about it, ya hear?

I especially love curries and I feel like each time I order one I discover something new about the dish, whether it’s a hidden flavor or new way to make it.

I recently tried Massaman Curry for the first time and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I would definitely say this is the dish to spring for if you are new to Thai food and feelin’ a wee bit wary about the different spices. It’s mild, flavorful and oh-so-yummy.

Naturally, once I ate it all up, I wanted to have it all over again, so I decided I would try and make a similar dish at home.

The result, as Dan said, was like my Nutty Thai Style Noodles and Roasted Potato and Red Curry Soup had a baby.



OK, now that we’re done with that lesson (Imagine that sex talk: “Well, when a potato and a Thai peanut sauce really love each other…”), it’s time for the goods …


Make it –– really. You’ll be patting yourself on the back for this one. ;-)