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an abs update …

by caroline

Abs Challenge recap, shall we?

So, I don’t have rock hard abs yet, but I am definitely starting to feel a bit stronger. I am also noticing that I am more conscious of my core, sitting up straighter and making sure not to stand with my lower back swayed (a bad habit of mine).

Here’s what I’ve been doing for the last few days:

Day Eight: Yoga abs workout

Day Nine: P90X Sample: 6 Total-Body Toning Moves (I’ve been wanting to try P90X and this was a great introduction!)

Day Ten: Ab-Toning Stability Ball Workout

Day Eleven (today): FitSugar workout (click the photo below for a printable PDF)

I have also been running (the weather has been gorgeous here) — gotta have my cardio! All in all, I feel like I am getting in some good core work and I am curious to see what the outcome will be after 30 days of sweatin’ it out.

TELL ME: Are you following along? Have you tried a workout you like? What have been your results so far?

P.S. Tomorrow, there will be food — promise!!