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And the Winner Is …

by caroline

GOOD MORNING!! I was going to tease you and write a big long post before I announced the winner of the LUNA Protein Bars giveaway, but I decided to be nice and tell you now! :)

So, the winner is …. drumroll, please …


Woo, hoo! Send along your mailing address to and I’ll be happy to let the god folks at LUNA know you’re the lucky gal!

How fun is that? I love a good giveaway!


Last night, I had an opportunity to work out with a local Dayton, OH group, The Unit, for a story I am working on for the Dayton City Paper. I have never done a bootcamp-style class before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this was AWESOME!!

The group was so diverse — from kids to teenagers to adults — and everyone was wonderfully encouraging to one another. When it came time for running, my partner, Jason, was knuckle bumping me and screaming, “Good job, girl!”

This was one of those experiences where I felt so thankful that this is the life I lead — this is my job! Totally cool.

Another awesome fact about The Unit? In addition to leading bootcamp classes, they get together for social outings and to volunteer for local organizations. I’m so lucky to have met these people! And for someone who is used to pounding the pavement solo or taking a yoga class where the workout is extremely internal, it was so nice to be reminded why working out with a group can be a hugely positive experience.

I’m curious: What’s your favorite way to sweat — solo or in a group?