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baby girl update: 27 weeks

by caroline

It seems absolutely impossible that SIX WEEKS have already passed since I first announced the news of our baby girl’s June arrival! I had so many plans of sharing all of the details with you and then –– POOF! The weeks flew by.

Anyway, I do still want to update all of you (or at least those who are interested in following this part of my journey) on how things are going over here in my baby-growing world!

First of all, check out the difference a month can make –– crazy town, right?! The photo on the left is at 21 weeks and the one on the right is at 25 weeks. I’m wearing the same shirt in both pictures. HELLO, baby!


Yesterday marked the start of Week 27 (see photo at the top of this post) which means there are only 13 more weeks until we meet our sweet pea!

OK, so let’s move on to the details. I’ve received a lot of questions about my workouts, symptoms, etc., so I thought I would take a few moments to share that info:


Throughout the first trimester and the beginning of the second trimester, I didn’t change much about my workouts other than the intensity. But, with my doctor’s OK, I was still running and strength training. She told me that with a few adjustments, I could continue doing both since I had already established this routine prior to pregnancy. I did, however, have to keep my heart rate down and pay attention to things like ligament pain that would come as a result of my changing body. The best advice she gave me? “Don’t go for the burn.” As a competitive person, I needed to hear this. Now was not the time to push myself through a workout or ignore little aches. For me, the most important part of staying physically fit during pregnancy has been doing something healthy for myself and our growing baby.

As I approached the second half of the second trimester and I prepare to transition into the third (next week!), my doctor’s words have been especially important to keep in mind. Around 22 weeks, my strength training routine started to feel more painful than good, and so I had to make some changes. I am still using light dumbbells and performing body weight exercises (pushups, squats, etc.), but I have also been incorporating resistance bands, Pilates and yoga into my routine in order to stay strong, while accommodating my growing body.

In terms of cardio, I am currently running three to four days a week, while the other two to three days have transitioned to walking or walk/run days. I always have at least one “off” day per week. My pace has slowed to about 1 minute more per mile than my pre-pregnancy pace, but I am A-OK with that! It’s so much fun to go for a run and know that I am taking our little girl for a run too! I smile each time we pass a building’s window and I sneak a peek at our reflection.

As for strength, I incorporate something into each of my days, whether it’s a 10-minute Pilates session or some exercises for my arms with light dumbbells (while catching up on House of Cards)! I can honestly say that throughout this pregnancy the daily exercise goal has been to simply move. I have worked really hard to not set daily intentions because I don’t want to feel obligated to do something that isn’t the best thing for the two of us.

I have also found some great prenatal workout DVDs! The key for me was to find ones that were challenging, while also nurturing my body. I will share those with you next week! 


Throughout this pregnancy I have had very little symptoms. I was mildly nauseous during the early weeks and tired in a whole new way throughout the first trimester, but I really can’t complain. And, of course, I was running to the bathroom every five minutes because my bladder was adjusting to this whole carrying-a-human thing! Oh, and throughout the first trimester my changing hormones caused me to be a total nightmare at times. One minute I would be yelling about something and the next I would be totally chill. It was wild!

The last part of the second trimester has delivered a lot of back pain and restless sleeping. I typically sleep on my back and was able to at least partially do so throughout the first trimester (I would start out sleeping on my side and usually spend a bit of time on my back before waking up and turning to my side again). But around 21 weeks this became impossible because my heart would start to race if I was on my back for more than a few minutes. (When you lie on your back, the weight of the pregnant uterus slows the return of blood to your heart, which reduces blood flow to the baby. That means the baby could possibly be getting less oxygen and fewer nutrients. Read more here.) So, now I am alternating between side sleeping with a body pillow I purchased for $20 at Bed Bath & Beyond and sleeping in a reclined position by propping myself up with a ton of pillows. Neither position is ideal for me, but it allows me to at least get some sleep!

I will talk more next week about the various things that have helped alleviate some of my back pain.


I have yet to have any strange cravings, like pickles and ice cream! But during the first trimester, I wanted a lot of fruit. One week I became totally fixated on nectarines, which was tough because we are living in Pittsburgh and it was smack dab in the middle of winter. We had a trip planned to see Dan’s mom in Florida in early January and I spent the three weeks leading up the trip dreaming of all of the nectarines I was going to eat. This breakfast was just one of the many I had while I was there, plus I took a bag of nectarines home with me!


Other than that, I will say that the biggest cravings I’ve had are sudden and urgent. Like, one day I will decide I want cereal and I have to have have that cereal YESTERDAY.  I have also heavily leaned on sparkling water throughout my pregnancy. I have no idea why, but it is the one thing we have to have in the refrigerator at all times. I ♥ sparkling water.


Starting her nursery! I picked out the bedding –– it’s so perfectly feminine! –– several weeks ago, but decided to wait to make an official decision about the crib and other decor until our flooring project is completed at the end of this week. Here’s a sneak peek of the floors (hi, Simon!):

Dan still has to paint walls and baseboards, so we have a lot of work ahead. But the progress is inspiring!

I’m also starting to get so excited for my upcoming baby shower. My mom ordered the invitations from Tiny Prints and I think they turned out absolutely beautiful! I am looking so forward to celebrating our baby girl with all of the people we love.


I think that pretty much covers the basics of where I’m at during this 27th week of my pregnancy. In the coming weeks, I plan to talk about prenatal workouts, my favorite body lotions and creams for my growing belly, and what my gluten-free lifestyle has been like while pregnant.

Do you have any questions for me? If so, then shout ’em out in the comments section below!