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Because It Makes Him Happy

by caroline

Is it so bad that I spoil my cats? I mean, really, what’s the harm?

I just don’t see the problem.

Well, according to Dan, I go a bit over the top sometimes. Like, when I rearrange my body in funky sleeping positions to accommodate whichever furry kid wants to lie next to me. Or when I have conversations with them. Or when I give Cooper a glass of water because he asks oh-so-nicely.

You see, the reason Dan thinks the whole water-glass-on-the-floor thing is ridiculous is because he thinks I’m making up the very true fact that Cooper requests a glass of water every time he hears me pouring myself a glass.

But he does. Every time. With a little cry and a look up at me that says,“Puh-puh-puh-pleeze, can I have a glass of water too?”

Reason #2 Dan thinks this process is ridiculous? Because we recently bought our cats this:

Now, I understand that this is a perfectly fine source of water (and so does Cooper). But have you ever heard that children imitate their parents, Dan? He just wants to be like me. GAWSH.

And look how happy and quenched he is:

This looks says, “Gee, thanks, Mom.” (And: BACK AWAY, DAD. MOM SAID IT’S OK.)

Moving on …


Remember the Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce from Seeds of Change that I raved about a little while ago?

Well, last night we tried a new one: The Korma Simmer Sauce.

Oh, heavens.

There are four sauces in the Seeds of Change lineup, and this is by far the mildest of the four. I like to think of it as a primer to Indian food. The ethnic flavors, like coconut and curry, are there, but nothing is too spicy or wild about the sauce. Just delicious.

Like its Tikka Masala sista, the Korma sauce is gluten-free, kosher and fit for lacto-vegetarians. We used this sauce to prepare the same dish we did with the Tikka Masala — wild flounder sautéed in the sauce over medium heat and served over brown basmati rice. As it cooks, the fish will break apart as a result of its soft consistency, but that’s OK.

I especially loved this sauce because of its rich emphasis on ethnic Indian flavors. I ate a whole plate and found myself wanting more. But, sadly, it was all gone … sigh.

Tell me, please: Do you spoil your pets?