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Blast From the Past: Why Prince Charming Will Not Be Saving My Life …

by caroline


Today was one of those days. To say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed would be an understatement. I don't know what it is, but I just have this icky, nagging, gloom-and-doom hanging over my head and I can't seem to shake it.

I called my mom to say hello and talk a bit about the way I was feeling. Naturally, she wanted to make my feel better — after all, she is my mommy! But she could sense the I-don't-want-to-have-a-pep-talk edge in my voice and simply told me she loved me and we hung up.

And then, she called back.

But this time, it was not to pep me up, it was to do the best thing anyone can do for me when I am in one of these moods. She read to me.

She told me of a story that is in her latest issue of Oprah magazine, one that highlights the great poet Mary Oliver. And, suddenly, a spark was set inside of me.

I remembered a post I had written about Mary Oliver on a past personal blog I authored a few years ago. After she was done reading a section of the Oprah article to me, I told my mom about the post I had written and how much it sang to some of the very thoughts I was having right at this moment. We both marveled at the idea that she had chosen to read that article to me … such irony.

I want to share the post with you just in case it might dig a little something up for one of you as well. Here it is, written February 27, 2008:

Taking the path less traveled never seems easy at the start. It is tough to shut out the naysayers, put on a brave face and continue forward. However, that path is also one that, when intended for your feet, will become more and more comfortable as you tread along. I was reading through a book yesterday titled Living Yoga: Creating a Life Practice by Christy Turlington, when I stumbled across the following poem by Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet Mary Oliver:

The Journey

mary-oliver-part-1.jpg mary-oliver-part-2.jpg

This poem honestly took my breath away. Not only is it so beautifully and stylistically written, but I could not help feeling like someone had placed it right there in my life, especially for me.

Thus far during my journey to discover what it is that I want from my life, I have had so very many encounters with the voice of "reason" — that little voice telling me that this path is much more difficult than the one I was previously walking. Heck, my own voice falls into the mix more than I care to say!

But here is the thing: Would such an endeavor be called a journey if it did not cause one to put up a fight for the great adventure that lie ahead? Not a single hero ever went about saving a life without shedding a bit of sweat. Imagine if Prince Charming never had to chase down Cinderella and fight off her evil step family. Nothing about their tale would be a journey, but, instead, an ordinary, everyday love affair.

So, what makes any of us think that our lives deserve any less luster; any less of an adventure-packed, fight off a few dragons, fairytale ending?!

We all should be embarking on the road that feels the most well-suited beneath our feet. Yes, there are bound to be a few pebbles that get stuck in our shoes. But wouldn't you rather bend over, remove them, and continue on, than live your life knowing that you never put on your walking shoes at all?

I would. And reading this poem helps me to remember the reason why I ever sought to begin on this journey at all. I am determined to save the only one life that I am absolutely positive how to go about rescuing . . .

My very own.


Tomorrow I'll be back with the Gluten-Free with Rachael Ray Challenge. I have a wonderful gluten-free apple cake recipe to share with you!

Thanks, mom, for the unforeseen inspiration this evening — mom's really do know it all, huh? ;) Have a wonderful Sunday night everyone!