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breaking out of your fitness rut.

by caroline

Today’s post comes from Healthy Bitch Daily‘s Resident Fitness Guru, Angela Parker. Listen up as Angela tells you how to stop bitching and step it up –– no matter what your workout style is.


AerobicsLet’s face it. You crap out on your workout when it gets boring.

Even the sports or activities you love can turn into a snooze fest when you do them every day. And if you’re bored, you’re probably not giving a shit about burning calories. You’re just going through the motions in order to cancel out that cookie binge you indulged during last night’s “Desperate Housewives.”

It’s time to overhaul your tired routine and shake that shit up! Here are some ideas for taking your favorite fitness activities to the next level.

For the Girly Girls

Ladies love LL Cool J. They also love their pilates, yoga and dance classes. The next time you want to sweat, try these variations on your favorite workout activities:

Aerial AcrobaticsIf your sweat staple is: Barre Dance Classes

Try this shit: It’s time to fly, baby. An aerial acrobatics class might be just your thing. (Think Carrie Bradshaw in that episode where she tries to tackle the trapeze). These classes are usually taught by former circus performers that are still in amazing shape. These off-the-ground workouts use a variety of activities, including high flying trapeze, bungees and tightrope wires. Plus, you get to twirl those fun ribbon things that have pretty colors. Is anything more cool than that? Not really.

If your sweat staple is: PilatesHoopnotica

Try this shit: Get your ass off the mat and try hooping! You know you spent hours as a kid with that hot pink hula hoop around your tiny waist. Turns out, you can actually get that tiny waist back by shaking your ass and moving your hips to some music. Hoopnotica has made hooping popular and sexy again with their easy to love philosophy: “You’re a grown-up. You don’t play enough. We’d like to help you change that.” Sign me up! Best part? You can get a hoop and a DVD for about $50. Score.

Yoga If your sweat staple is: Yoga

Try this shit: You usually can’t convert a yogi into anything else. But what you can do is turn up the heat. If you’re doing the same yoga class with the same teacher, chances are you’re getting a whole lotta zen with very little burn. There’s a great debate about hot yoga being “better” or requiring a deeper level of commitment and practice. However, we don’t really give a shit, cause either way you’re going to sweat your ass off. The more you sweat, the closer you are to a tighter ass and only one chin. Note: Bikram is not the only option in town. Lots of yoga and fitness studios feature hot yoga. Thank God, too, because those twenty-six Bikram moves can get way too boring after a while.

For the Tough Bitches

Like it rough? Need it harder? Oh yeah. For you tougher, rougher chicks who need more, try switch-hitting with another variation of your current fitness staple:

Running on the BeachIf your sweat staple is:
Treadmill Running

Try this shit: Get your ass off the machine and get outside. Join a running club. This group will help push you towards that next level. You will get help with your form, pacing and technique. Running clubs inspire you to run faster and further than you ever thought was possible. Not only will your body change, but you may just end up inspired to do a marathon. Bonus of running clubs? Men. Fit dudes who actually like to workout and probably have good abs. That’s reason enough to get your butt into some spandex.

Personal TrainingIf your sweat staple is: Personal Training

Try this shit: Did you fall for your personal trainer again? Instead of skipping those expensive sessions with Mr. Muscles, join a boot camp. It’s like having your own personal trainer to kick your ass, but you also have an entire group of other people to motivate you to work harder and be on time. You will save some serious cash and your results will shoot through the roof. There’s nothing that motivates a gal more than not getting yelled at for crapping out on a set of push ups. Search for local boot camps in your area or ask your trainer to start his/her own.

Weight Training TRXIf your sweat staple is: Weight Training

Try this shit: TRX yourself. These suspension training workouts are a way of using your own body weight against you to get results. TRX shreds your core like nothing you have ever seen before. That’s because if your core is not rock solid, none of the moves work. It’s genius and depressing at the same time. You can find TRX classes at your gym or local fitness studio. You can also order your own kit and DVD and rock this workout in your undies at home.

For all you fickle bitches that can’t keep a workout routine at all? Hit the web and find some online workout videos on YouTube. Search for the body part you are most interested in toning and try something new!

No matter what you’re into, there’s something different for you to try on the fitness front. Get excited and reinvigorated by shaking it up.

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Angela ParkerAngela Parker, Resident Fitness Guru
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