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college student recipe feature: anna

by caroline

Hello, my lovely readers! Welcome to a new monthly feature that will highlight a young adult and his or her gluten-free culinary skills. This month, I’m featuring Anna, a freshman at University of Central Florida. Wanna try Anna’s recipe? Check out her Lemon-Garlic Chicken with Veggies!

I’d like to think that is wasn’t sooooo long ago that I was a college student. (IT WASN’T, OK?) Of course, while so many things have changed (textbooks on iPads, huh?) since I was first entering my young adult years, several of them are still the same with the primary one being: College is a marker for that very first time in your life when you get a sense of “Holy crap, I’m free!” That’s right: Decisions are yours for the making, you can choose your own curfew and eat cereal for dinner every damn night if you please.

Still, every college student also has a moment where the aforementioned sentiment turns into “SOMEONE-PLEASE-HELP-ME-I’M-FREE.” For some, it’s the moment they realize they really do need mom and dad … sometimes. For others, it’s the moment they first try to navigate the kitchen.

So, while I can’t help you with the former, I figured, why not help you with the latter? This new feature was designed to help the college student, ultra-savvy high schooler or young professional who is looking to learn more about whipping up some new dishes.

The rules:
All dishes must be gluten-free. This Website is gluten-free and, therefore, these recipes must be too!
Nothing complicated. Minimal kitchen equipment and ingredients. I know you are busy!
Keep your budget under $20. I know money can get tight, so I provide the gift card.
Test the recipe out on your roommates and friends. Get their feedback and share it with us!

Simple enough, right? With those rules in hand our first college chef extraordinaire, Anna, got to work. Here’s the kitchen space she had to work with:


OK, can we please note for a moment that, once again, I didn’t go to college that long ago, but when did kids get such sweet dorm room digs?! This kitchen is IN ANNA’S DORM ROOM and she shares it with her three roommates. I’m totally jelly. That being said, this recipe will be ideal for someone who is working with a small kitchen like the one above, whether it be in a shared dorm space or apartment.

You’ll note in the photo up top that Anna received her gift card via email and then headed out to gather ingredients for her Lemon-Garlic Chicken and Veggies. The inside scoop:






Lovely, right? Anna did such a great job with this recipe and I think it would be the perfect option for a night when you want to impress your roommates, significant other or even the parents when they pop by for a visit. I prepared it at home for Dan with a side of potatoes and he said it was delish! Another preparation idea: I don’t eat chicken, so I prepared the dish with two filets of wild mahi mahi (fish) in place of chicken and it was also wonderful. Options are always nice when dealing with different preferences or simply looking to shake things up!



Want to have your culinary skills featured? I’ll send you $20 to create a gluten-free meal that can be easily made in a college dorm room or small apartment space. All you have to do is provide the recipe and some fun photos. Email me at for more details!