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college student recipe feaure: kristi

by caroline

Hello, my lovely readers! Welcome to my monthly feature that highlights a young adult and his or her gluten-free culinary skills. This month, I’m featuring Kristi, a junior Secondary Education Math major at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Words cannot properly express how excited I was when I saw that Kristi’s recipe involved minimal ingredients, a coffee mug and –– get this — no oven!

Before we get to the details, let’s review the rules:

– All dishes must be gluten-free. This Website is gluten-free and, therefore, these recipes must be too!
– Nothing complicated. Minimal kitchen equipment and ingredients. I know you are busy!
– Keep your budget under $20. I know money can get tight, so I provide the gift card.
– Test the recipe out on your roommates and friends. Get their feedback and share it with us!

Simple enough, right? I sent Kristi her $20 gift card and with those rules in hand, she got to work on her recipe, Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake (it’s vegan too)! Here’s the inside scoop, including a peek at the kitchen space she had to work with:




OMG, how much do you love this?! Here’s Kristi’s take on the recipe:

sincerely caroline: What makes this recipe easy for the average college student to make?
kristi: It is easy for a college student to make because it only takes 70 seconds and the instructions are easy to follow.

sc: Were there any changes you had to make because of the fact that you are cooking in a small space?
kristi: I did not have to make any changes because you only need a microwave and all the dorms at my school have microwaves.

sc: Why did you like this recipe?
kristi: I chose this recipe because I love to bake and I love chocolate. This allows me to quickly make a cake when I want something chocolatey.

sc: What did your friends/roommates think of the recipe?
kristi: My friends loved it! I did not tell them until after they ate it that is was gluten free. They were really surprised at how good it was from being made in the microwave and they could not tell at all that it was gluten free.

How awesome is this?! Heck, I haven’t been a college student for quite a bit and I COULD NOT WAIT to make this cake! It is heavenly! Ready for the recipe? You’ve got it …


Want to have your culinary skills featured? I’ll send you $20 to create a gluten-free meal that can be easily made in a college dorm room or small apartment space. All you have to do is provide the recipe and some fun photos. Email me at for more details!