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Cornbread Waffles — Because We Can.

by caroline

Last night we got a little crazy with the waffle maker.

You see, my mom made Vegan, Gluten-Free Chili and we decided to pair it with Pamela’s Cornbread and Muffin Mix. We had it all mixed up and then my mom had the GENIUS idea to put it into the waffle maker.

I know. She really is the smartest woman alive.

I’ve had this mix before and it really is one of the best gluten-free store bought cornbread mixes I’ve had. As per Pamela’s recommendation, we added frozen corn to our batter and it gave it a little special somethin’. This mix is G-O-O-D and the waffle maker just gave it a special touch.

The best part? When you put butter on the waffles, it gets stuck in the little squares. Yum.

Now I’m completely obsessed with the idea of putting batter of all sorts into the waffle maker. Next on my list? Brownie batter.

Oh, I said it.