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Crispy and Iced, Please.

by caroline

Well, good morning! The good news is the calf is feeling better this morning, the bad news is it still hurts. (I was kinda-sorta hoping for an overnight healing miracle.)

I worked on it throughout the day yesterday, using my roller and massaging it with Biofreeze. Dan also gave it a great (albeit very painful) massage last night. It helps to have a dancer in the house who has had his share of physical therapy and understands how the muscles in the human body work. I didn’t try to stretch it or do any PT on it yesterday, but today I am going to try a few things to start stretching and strengthening my leg.

This morning I had Fage TOTAL 2 % split cup yogurt w/ Peach and fresh berries, topping it off with my new favorite cereal, Nature’s Path Gluten-Free Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise. I love this on yogurt, on its own or with a lil’ almond milk. I love a cereal that stays crispy in milk or yogurt, and this really does live up to its “crunchy” name!

On the side, I sipped on some homemade iced green tea. Ever since I kicked my coffee habit in an effort to lessen my migraine episodes, I have been searching for its replacement. Not that coffee and all of its glorious-ness can necessarily be “replaced”, but one of the reasons I love it so much is that it was part of my “ritual”.

Get up in the morning. Start coffee. Enjoy the smell of coffee brewing. Make breakfast. Eat breakfast and sip coffee while starting my work day.

Ya know?

So, I’ve switched to tea and while at first I was not to keen on the idea of swapping my java for a bunch of leaves, I have turned into quite the convert. One of my favorite ways to drink tea (especially in the summer)?

Iced, iced, baby. (Had to throw that in there.)

Dan made some lemon tea about two weeks ago that was a wonderful treat after some of the particularly long and hot days we had around here. This time, I opted for one of my favorites, green tea.

Make sure no matter what tea you choose, you check that it is gluten-free. Tea is naturally gluten free, but contamination issues may occur if the tea bags are sealed with a wheat-based glue. Be sure to contact the manufacturer for specific information.

For this tea project, you’ll need:

  • 10 – 20 bags gluten-free tea
  • water
  • storage containers or jars

Depending on how many tea bags you are using, measure the water according to the tea package instructions. For example, I used Tazo Zen Green Tea and the package calls for 8 oz. water per tea bag. (All of the Tazo teas are gluten-free with the exception of Green Ginger, Tazo Honeybush, Lemon Ginger and Tea Lemonade, according to their Website.) So, if I am making 10 bags of tea, then I will need 80 0z of water (10 tea bags x 8 oz. water). Fill a pot with the measured water and bring to a boil.

While water is boiling, make this process an easier one by bringing the tea bags together in a bunch …

… and tying the strings in a knot to keep them all together.

When the water is done boiling, remove from heat and dip the tea bags into the water, dunking several times to saturate (like you do when dipping one tea bag into a mug). Allow strings to hang over the side of the pot, giving it time to steep (about 5 – 6 minutes).

When steeping has finished, remove tea bags and discard. Allow tea to cool completely before transferring to jars, containers or drink pitcher. Store in refrigerator.

Serve over ice and enjoy! I like this green tea straight up, but a bit of honey or agave syrup mixed in is also a nice treat.

(Want to see how my sis’ makes iced tea? Check it out here.)

Happy day! I hope you all have a good one. ;)