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crunch ‘n munch.

by caroline

Thank you so much for all of the support y’all sent my way yesterday after reading the post about our new little abode. I am psyched and can’t wait to make our house a home.

Last night was my first night experimenting in our kitchen (eek!). Even though we moved in about a week ago, it took time to get everything cleaned and situated — and trust me, there is still SO MUCH work to do!

So, around 11:13-ish in the evening, I was really craving something crunchy and sweet. Granola is always my go-to in situations such as this because it is super easy to make, kinda healthy and always delicious.

I thought about making my Crunchy Granol-o (a recipe that is my MIL’s absolute fave), but decided I would rather come up with something brand-spanking new.

I swear — hand to ♥ — I might be an English nerd, but I did not purposefully choose ingredients that would make the name of this recipe a fine tribute to the letter “C” (alliteration at its finest). That’s not to say, however, that I am not loving it …


This cereal is completely rocking my world right now. I had it for my late night snack last night, a few handfuls (pre-breakfast snack?) while I was waiting for my gluten-free bread to finish toasting this morning, and I just might … gulp … have some tonight too.

Make it. If you can’t find the cereals listed above, then feel free to toss in your own crunchy substitutions. I am thinking of trying it next time with some puffed rice cereal. Mix it up. Go crazy. Do your thang.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some crunching to do.