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Dear, Tomatoes: I Have a Confession

by caroline

Aren't these so pretty? They are gorgeously red and fresh, and absolutely perfect.

And I hate them. What is wrong with me?!

For as long as I can remember, I have had this tumultuous relationship with tomatoes. When I was younger, it wasn't even a thought in my head to give them a shot. When I was about 5 or 6 years old, our next door neighbors had a grandson who used to visit often. I remember playing in the backyard with him one day, when he walked over to their garden, plucked a tomato from its stem and bit directly into it. I watched in horror as the tomato juice dripped down his chin and he grinned at me.

I thought he was the most disgusting kid on the planet.

As I've grown older, I have really (really) tried to give them a shot, especially, considering their health benefits and all. But I just can't do it. Something about their texture and sliminess and general disposition just completely grosses me out.

I eat pasta sauce and ketchup with no problem. So, it's not the taste. I have even taught myself to eat a Caprese salad as long as there is 2-3 time more mozzarella to each piece of tomato. (As you can imagine, I end up with a lot of extra tomato on my plate.)

But then, come moments like today, when I decide to forge ahead and add a few cherry tomatoes to my otherwise delightful salad. I did OK with the first few bites, but before I knew it the tomato halves were pushed to the side of the bowl and I was munching on a completely tomato-less salad.

"I hate tomatoes!" I said aloud to … well … my salad and any cats who were around. And then, I quickly clamped my hand over my mouth, feeling shameful of the words I had just said.

But why did I feel bad? Because tomatoes are supposed to be good for you … and I have this weird thing where I want to like every vegetable and fruit (and I almost do!) because, well, you just should … and I don't like to say I "hate" anything … and …

That's when I realized: This is so silly. Why am I forcing myself to like a fruit/vegetable for which I clearly do not have feelings?

I do the same thing with pears. Every now and again, I make a decision that, "Today is the day I will like pears!" and mid-chew I find myself gagging back the grainy fruit.

So, you know what? I'm done playing Mrs. Nice Gal. I am setting myself free and permitting myself to no longer endure the days of choking back a tomato for the sake of saying I did.

For now, this girl is sticking to her Heinz ketchup. And she's not afraid to say it.

How about you? Do any fruits or vegetables completely turn you off? Why?