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Fall into Friday

by caroline

Happy first day of fall — my favorite season! ♥ I love everything fall has to offer: Cooler temperatures, long-sleeved t-shirts,  pumpkin galore, changing leaves and, of course …



I could not agree more with that sign. If you haven’t tried one of these babies, then get on it. And if you have, then you understand exactly why an apple can get me so excited.

Another thing worth noting today: To celebrate the power of gluten free living and the brand’s recently launched gluten-free protein bars, our friends at LUNA have put together a 30-minute Webcast that features two of their gluten-free LUNA Chix stellar athletes, professional triathlete Tyler Stewart, as well as her friend and Team LUNA Chix San Francisco Bay Area member, Kelly Oliver. Need a little more info? LUNA Chix is comprised of:

  • LUNA Chix Pro Team –– the most successful women’s team in endurance sports, featuring internationally recognized professional female triathletes, mountain bikers, runners, Xterra and cyclo-cross racers into a single team.
  • Team LUNA Chix –- a national program in which a diverse group of women – including stay-at-home moms, business owners, doctors, scientists, casual sports enthusiasts – voluntarily come together to learn new sports, stay active and inspire others to do the same.

After going gluten free both Tyler and Kelly have seen a noticeable improvement in their training, racing and overall health seeing as how they no longer have to deal with bloating, gas and puffiness. Tune in to learn more about how they live, train and kick butt while being gluten-free:

Video streaming by Ustream

And if you do one more thing on this fine Friday, consider going to bootcamp — no, not drop-and-give-me-20 bootcamp. Instead, I’m talkin’ about Gluten-Free Bootcamp with Jennifer Fugo, founder of Gluten Free School.


This just might be the kick in the pants you need if:

  • you can’t seem to stay “on track” or are tired of all your failed attempts
  • you feel overwhelmed by too much information
  • you’re addicted to gluten (ie. a self-described carbo-holic or bread-o-holic)
  • you’re disgusted with feeling sick everyday
  • you’re too busy and don’t have time to make gluten-free a possibility in your life
  • you’ve concluded that the gluten-free diet is way too expensive
  • you’re wishing for a clear step-by-step approach to going gluten-free


ENJOY YOUR FIRST DAY OF FALL! It’s already shaping up to be a good one. :)