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First Children Rule.

by caroline

Kidding … (Kind of.)

I was very intrigued today by this video which suggests that firstborn children are more prone to allergies. Being a firstborn myself (and a naturally curious person), I just had to watch the video when I saw the headline.

The research is not even close to 100 percent, but experts say certain factors, like having parents who are scared silly about every little germ or being the first to inhabit his or her mother's womb, may affect a firstborn's ability to fend off illness and allergies.

It's an interesting video, although I'm not so sure all of the research and facts are spot on. Some of it makes sense — why am I the child in my family who gets sick the most? (Although this has changed significantly since going gluten-free.) But other parts, such as why firstborns are more successful and so forth, I'm not so sure about. Sure, I have a Type-A personality and I'm prone to being a second mommy to my three siblings. But I think so many different factors go into play when considering why people have certain personality traits. I would imagine factors like divorce or a huge age gap (like the one in my family — there are nine years between me and my brother, Luke) also play part.

All interesting stuff for sure, but I don't take it to heart!


In other news, I'm feeling an arts-y vibe lately. Well, I'm always kind of on that wavelength (after all, we have a writer and a dancer in this household), but there are two specific pieces of artwork I've been ogling as of late:

1.) Book Purses

Ummm … hello, to the book nerd in me! I want one of these book purses by Britta Belle so bad. I just can't imagine how cool I would be walking through a library. "What? This? Oh, no, you've never seen one of these, Ms. Librarian? It's a purse, see …."

2.) The Ballerina Project

I've been a fan of this project since it first started, but every time the photographer posts a new album, I can't help but fall in love all over again. I've wanted this particular photo for about two years now. The day I sign my book deal (or score a big piece in a magazine), it's all mine. I just think it's so breathtakingly beautiful. If you're not yet a fan on Facebook, "Like" 'em now!


I'm curious: Do you subscribe to some of the common "rules" about birth order (or lack thereof if you're an only child)? Where do you fall in the lineup?