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five-ingredient flourless peanut butter cookies.

by caroline

It’s in my nature to believe that people are naturally good.

Go ahead and call me naive –– it’s cool. Of course, I know there are some not-so-nice-people out there too. However, it’s my belief that in most cases if you treat people with love and respect, then their intentions will be good natured in return.

I’ve had this experience several times this week –– proof to my theory, if you will.

On one such occasion, my youngest brother, Isaac, and I traveled to my gym together to get in a nice, sweaty workout. As we were pumping some iron, he couldn’t help but point out the size of one man’s biceps: “I want arms like his,” he said.

I was familiar with man-with-the-admirable-biceps. His name is Lawrence and he works at my gym as a personal trainer. I motioned for him to come talk to us and I told him of my brother’s wish for bulging biceps. “Come with me, my man,” he said, as he put his hand on my brother’s shoulder and guided him over to the free weights.

Thirty heart-pumping minutes later, Isaac looked at me with a look that screamed, “What the hell did you get me into?!” Still, his satisfaction with his workout was more than evident as he grinned and shook hands with Lawrence. This man had reached out to my growing and maturing seventeen-year-old brother, and shown him how the kindness of a stranger can touch a life in a matter of a few simple minutes.

“What’s your favorite cookie?” I asked him.

“Peanut butter!” Lawrence said.

“They’re all yours,” I said, winking.

Isaac and I said thank you and headed home, both of us smiling ear-to-ear.

So, last night I made Lawrence his cookies. I found this gluten-free recipe on Gluten Free Girl’s site, added a few small touches and baked them with the same amount of kindness Lawrence had shown my baby brother.

Here’s to smiling as you cross paths with a stranger on the street, picking up a dropped item for a shopper whose hands are much too full, and placing your hand on the back of a downtrodden man or woman just because you can …


They’re thin, they’re crispy, and they’re rich with love and appreciation. ♥