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Gimme S'more.

by caroline

You can bet there is more of this gorgeousness going on over here in the Thousand Islands …

I mean, come on, this place doesn’t even make me work for it. No tricks and makeup required for this scenery — it’s just a natural beaut.

After snapping these photos yesterday, it was time to prepare a very important aspect of last night’s dessert: “Graham” crackers. Now, those of you who are gluten-free know that graham is a completely non-gluten-free ingredient (it’s a type of whole wheat flour). But for those of us who love peanut butter smooshed between two cinnamon graham crackers or ooey-gooey s’mores while sitting fireside, this very true fact is just totally unacceptable.

Jules Gluten Free to the rescue.

That’s right: The gluten-free diva has designed a graham cracker mix (you can also use it to make gingersnaps) that will completely and utterly rock your world. I scored a package of it in my box o’ Jules that I received a few weeks ago as part of a Capitol Deal, and I knew vacation would be the perfect time to break this baby out.

I followed Jules’ recipe, using Spectrum Organic Shortening and agave nectar:

My work station …

… and the gorgeous final product.

Now, let’s do a little math (I know, yawn. But bear with me.) Put the graham crackers you see above on a plate and make your way to a toasty flame (hopefully, you have a younger brother who’s a bit of a pyromaniac and leaps at the chance to build you a fire … it’s a very convenient obsession for a girl in need of a s’more).

So, gluten-free graham crackers + fire ↓

+ a gluten-free marshmallow (or two) to toast (I used Kraft Jet-Puffed marshmallows)

+ the gluten-free chocolate of your choice paired with toasted marshmallow between two graham crackers …

= one happy gluten-free girl:

You MUST get this mix and try it! I swear these graham crackers are even better than the store bought “real” graham crackers you know from your pre-gluten-free days. The flavor is on point and the thick-but-crispy quality is absolutely delicious.

NOTE: If this is a graham cracker emergency (and those do happen) and you don’t immediately have access to Jules Gluten Free Graham Cracker Mix, then here are a few gluten-free recipes or store-bought graham cracker options you may want to try:

Happy munching!