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Gluten-Free Smooching

by caroline

With a name like The G-Spot, you would think more often than not our conversations over here would be about things of the romantic sort now wouldn’t you? Of course, the title of this blog is just a play on words and the truth is, we would rather be chatting about gluten-free double chocolate chip cookies than smooching and snuggling.

But the other day I received an email from a reader where she asked me a few questions about cross contamination and how I handle living in a “mixed” household (i.e. I am gluten-free and Dan is not). I responded to her questions and then she came back with one last one:

“If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do about kissing?”

The reader’s concern was that if she kisses someone who has been eating gluten, then it might affect her gluten-free eating ways. In addition, she wanted to know what I do to protect myself from cross contamination as a result of kissing someone who does eat gluten.

It’s a valid question. Truth be told, if Dan has been munching on his favorite snack (pretzel nibblers) or just eaten a sandwich, then he’s always sure to give his mouth a good wipe and rinse before giving me a kiss. And even though most of our meals end up being gluten-free (Dan’s too), if he does have something with gluten, then we’re careful not to share water glasses in an effort to be extra safe.

But I wanted to ask each one of you your opinion on this matter. Because, while I am all about staying safe and healthy (I sound like I’m talking about birth control here … tee hee), there is a part of me that also believes in living in the moment. Dan and I take precautions to protect my health because it makes both of our lives better. But barring mouth wiping and rinsing, I don’t expect much more out of him than that. And in that same thought, I don’t think it matters if you eat gluten-free or not — I don’t give Dan kisses with gluten-free bread all through my teeth anymore then he would kiss me with pretzel crumbs stuck to his mouth.

My best answer for this reader is that we are consciously aware. We stay on top of cross contamination in the kitchen and at the dinner table as much as we would before giving each other a smooch. When we’re at home, we always know where the gluten is. And then we move on, trying to live our lives as normally and healthfully as possible.

How about you? If you are gluten-free, but your significant other is not, then what precautions do you take before showing your partner a little love?