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Goals, Goals, Goals.

by caroline


So, today is Day Five of the Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse, and I wanted to take a lil’ bit of time to share with you my goals throughout this process.

Let me start by saying that when Jennifer Fugo from the Gluten Free School kicked off this cleanse a week ago her premise was simple: Use this tool in a manner that serves you. That means that while some of us might be 100 percent on board with going sugar-free, the rest of us might feel like they just want to gain a better understanding of how to minimize the sugar in their lives.

I’m somewhere in between. In fact, my goals are simple:

  1. I want to become conscious again of how much sugar I’m putting into my body. Does this mean I’ll never eat chocolate again? ABSOLUTELY-FREAKING-NOT. But what it does mean is that I will be much more aware of mindless eating, including those of the sweet sort. During these past few days, I have really realized how much I reach for something sugary without even thinking about it. Now I’m thinking about it. And I want to keep it that way.
  2. I want to begin again to regard sugar as a treat rather than a necessity. I am the girl who has-to-want-to-gotta-have a sweet treat before bed. Why? Because it’s a habit. A HABIT. And it’s one that needs to hit the road. ‘Nuff said.
  3. I want to improve my health and immunity. There is a major gut-sugar connection and it is directly related to how your digestive system functions and, therefore, the health of our entire bodies. DID YOU KNOW? The human gastro-intestinal tract houses the bulk of the human immune system — about 70% of it. Therefore, if sugar affects my immune system and my gut houses 70 percent of my immune system, then how much am I really helping my very sensitive, celiac diseased digestive system to heal? (Remember those if-then problems in math? Yeah? Looks like those lessons paid off for me, eh?)

At this phase of the cleanse, I am really focused on being AWARE. I’m still eating sugar in small amounts (outside of the recommended fruits) in the form of gluten-free bread or salad dressing, and I’m OK with that. The most important thing to me right now is that I’m paying attention.

Will I be eating these

… or these during the remainder of the cleanse?

That’s not the plan. But I will be allowing little bits in where I think it is appropriate. For example, take bread — sometimes a girl’s gotta have her sandwich, ya know? But this time when I do have it, I know I had it, instead of ignoring those sneaky grams of sugar like I may have in the past.

Stay posted on what I’m eating and how I’m feeling with my regular updates, here!



I spotted this article today on and I thought it was rather pertinent to our discussions about SUG-A. The article says:

“Sugar should be identified alongside alcohol and tobacco as a health danger, and governments should tax sweetened drinks and food as part of their efforts to combat it … A levy on added sugars would help meet the growing costs of meeting sugar-related health problems and discourage consumption, they suggest.”

The article surely makes an interesting point. What do you think? Would you be for or against a tax against sugar?