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grab ‘n’ go.

by caroline

These days it feels like everything is just go, go, go … GO.

So, like anyone, that can mean that my healthy eating ways go right out the window when I’m rushing around like a lunatic.

But, somehow, I always manage to find my way back. Smoothies, hummus and pre-cut veggies, pre-made gluten-free oatmeal and more cans of tuna then I could ever count are just a few staples that make eating on the fly a bit easier. Oh, and these muffins.

When I spotted a version of these babies in Oxygen magazine’s December issue, I decided it was necessary that I whip up a vegetarian version of them (I only eat fish and these were originally made with dark turkey meat). I also swapped their coconut oil for olive oil, brown rice flour for some almond meal and pumpkin for baked sweet potato. Ah, and I also added a smidge of flaxseed meal for a fiber boost.

Get the goods …


OMG, these love buns taste like sweet, glorious Thanksgiving Day stuffing (minus the gluten and fatty additions). I paired mine with some lightly sautéed greens on the side and had a lovely lunch while I got some work done in my office.

Take that busy day.