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hello, there.

by caroline

Hey there, my friends. I thought I would take a moment today to update you on the things I have been up to lately. How’s that sound?

For starters, as I shared with you on Facebook, we are wading into our first major house project:

It’s almost time to stain, but there are a few spots Dan is still working on. Here are some before and (almost) after shots …







Again, the AFTER photos in these shots were taken before another round of power sanding and some of the little finishing touches Dan still has to make before staining, but I think they are coming along very nicely. Oh, and I’m thoroughly convinced my husband is a power-sanding-Superman.

While Dan’s been sanding his little heart out, I’ve been deep into a slew of writing projects (YAY ME!) and, of course, spending a little time in the kitchen. Last night, I made this lasagna, but swapped the carrots and broccoli for asparagus and onions instead. All you need to do is follow the instructions, but toss in 1 bunch of asparagus (10-12 stalks; ends removed, sliced horizontally in half and then vertically down the center) and 1/4 of a diced sweet yellow onion instead. I also used a white cheddar cheese instead of the orange kind.

Click the photo for the original recipe:

I have also been spending some much-needed time with family. Yesterday morning, my dad, sister and I went for a 5-mile run, and then I had the honor of celebrating my beautiful goddaughter’s 10th birthday. Love this girl:

How cool is she?! I am still processing the fact that I was a senior in high school when this lovely child was born. I’m about to sound old, but, gosh, time does fly.

Her littlest brother very much so enjoyed the cake. Oh, the days of eating cake with no abandon!

I’ve also been working on the ol’ abs as part of the Abs Challenge. Here are a few workouts I’ve been doing:

I’ve had a good time trying all of these different workouts. It’s really helped me to recognize the things I want from a strength workout and the things that just … well … aren’t my thing. Because running is my first love, I have a tendency to always rely on lacing up my shoes and hitting the pavement, and that’s OK. But it’s fun to realize that there are other ways I like to workout.

TELL ME: What’s your tried-and-true exercise habit?