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Hittin' Up the Treadmill: A Running Workout

by caroline

As I mentioned in previous posts, I love running. Well, sometimes I completely hate it … but not really … well, if you are a runner than you know exactly what I am talking about.

The winter months can make running tough for those of us who live in states that experience severe drops in temperatures, snow, ice, melted snow that becomes ice … the works. Sure, you can put on your YakTrax, Under Armour and a bunch of other running gear (padding), but the urge to breathe in 5 degree weather is just not always there.

That is when we hit the treadmill. Ah, the good ol’ ‘mill.

Now, I understand that a lot of runners prefer hitting the great outdoors as opposed to running in place and breathing in warm, stinky air (myself included), but there are some pros to the treadmill. Number one on my list? It is great for interval training. Working with intervals not only helps increase endurance, but it also keeps things a little interesting.

I did this little number yesterday:

I always keep the incline at at least 2% because of the fact that a treadmill’s surface does not mimic the ground we run on when we are outdoors. I have learned that running with no incline can bring on shin splints, and other aches and pains, so I recommend keeping the incline at at least 1% (I choose 2% because I am a weirdo who likes even numbers). You can, of course, always work with intervals by increasing and decreasing the incline, but that’s another workout for another day.

This is definitely an intermediate workout, so if you wish to take down the speed a little bit, I would just lessen each level by .5 – 1.0. Therefore, if you were decreasing by .5, the intervals would look like this:

And so forth. Eventually, you will work up to faster speeds, but take your time. If there is one thing I have learned the hard way, pushing yourself to the point of not wanting to workout, or even to injury, is not the way to go about getting in shape.

So, have at it and let me know how it goes. Remember that I am not a health professional and any new fitness endeavors should be discussed with a physician.

Happy Day!