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How's About a Little Sisterly Love?

by caroline

Yesterday was bound to be a long traveling day ( a lot of traveling in two days!) as we headed back from Pittsburgh to Ohio, so I thought it was only fair we treat ourselves before we hit the road and stop at one of my favorite grocery stores.

Yes, grocery shopping is a treat in this household.

We stopped at McGinnis Sisters, a specialty foods market with three locations throughout the Pittsburgh area. The Monroeville store is close to my parents' house, so we thought a pit stop was in order.

Dan had actually never been to the store — how had I not yet let him experience this part of my life?! — so it was extra fun because I had an opportunity to show him the ropes.

Let's get one thing straight: I loooove McGinnis Sisters. When I was younger, my mom, sister and I would take trips to the store to pick up favorites, like their tofu cream cheese and beautiful bulk rice blends. Now, we still do and it has become a wonderful little mother-daughter outing of sorts.

One of the things I appreciate the most about this store is its local feel. Sure, I adore Whole Foods and big chain specialty grocery stores, but McGinnis Sisters has a different vibe. You'll find pierogies, soups, cheese, bread, produce and other items from nearby distributors — wonderful. And I love the way they display their food items. I walked in and saw these little beauties — isn't this a lovely setup?

And I was oh-so-excited when I turned the corners of their aisles and found jam-packed gluten-free sections. They really do know their stuff when it comes to finding a wide range of GF products to offer consumers — their freezer section was decked out, too. How fun!

I'm the kind of person (and so is Dan) who likes to walk slowly through the grocery store aisles and look at EVERY SINGLE item, so the "pit stop" at the store took much longer than we had intended. But it was worth it! We scored some interesting items: Some new crackers for me to try, cinnamon sticks for a project I am working on (deets to follow!), multi-colored popping corn for our kettle corn adventures, yummy Lotus tea (a loose leaf green tea), cookies for today's Valentine's Day treat, pink brown rice (never heard of it — so excited to try!), a gluten-free tortilla soup mix, and Dan found some flour he has been searching for forever that will help him perfect his at-home pizza and pasta adventures. I could have gone crazy with the produce, but we had a long drive ahead and I didn't want it to lose its freshness.

And, of course, who could hit the road without this? ;)

P.S. If you are located in Pittsburgh, go check out one of the McGinnis stores!