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I Have a Great Ass.

by caroline

I think the thing I appreciate the most about Mandy Ingber’s style of teaching is her ability to manage a good-natured sarcastic tone, while maneuvering a chair pose coupled with squats.

I never thought I could giggle while doing downward dogs and warrior poses, but this gal rocks my world.

I’ve had this DVD for a bit, but every time I do it I am reminded just how much I (A) love yoga and (B) adore Mandy Ingber.

The Yogalosophy workout is a hybrid techinique that combines yoga and well-known strength moves, like lunges or pushups. My favorite Mandy mantra: “I have a great ass. I have a great ass.” She repeats it over and over again while performing squats and, despite the burn, it makes me laugh every time.

I am shaky by the end of every session (especially, after the fully-loaded, 55-minute challenge), but I always try to remind myself of three things:

1.) I love this shaky, I-just-worked-out feeling.

2.) She’s Jennifer Aniston’s trainer and, damn, she looks good.

3.) This will make me stronger, more centered and, of course, lead to … a great ass.**

**And wouldn’t that tight bum look so cute in these Butterfly Yoga pants? I think I need ’em.