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I Want That Booty.

by caroline

Moving always helps one to reconsider his or her worldly possessions. At least it does for me. There's always a point in the unpacking process where I just start tossing stuff, realizing that life without it really will go on. Especially when I come across a box labeled "randoms" or, even better, "WTF". Yes, that's how we roll as the packing process is winding down and miscellaneous items seem to be all that's left to put into boxes.

But unpacking also helps me to appreciate the things I really do love. Our beautiful kitchen tools. Precious photos and childhood sentiments. Each one of the books I place on the shelf.

My boot-ay DVD.

Yes, I cherish this workout video. It's a little cheesy, but it's to be expected seeing as how it is hosted by Tamilee Webb, the creator of the popular Buns of Steel videos of the 90s. Phrases like "get that butt back there" and "… and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze" trigger images of Jennifer Beals in a cropped sweatshirt and sweatband à la Flashdance.

Dan cringes and runs the other way every time he sees me pull out the DVD, — he's not exactly a fan of the Tam-ster — but I remind him that the gal is responsible for keeping my hiney and legs in shape.

It's like when Phil from Modern Family tells a sick Claire to take it easy and adds, "Honey, with all you do for me, including going to the gym four times a week to keep me interested, I got this."

So, Dan, keep that in mind the next time you decide to get a 'tude about Tam, mmm-k?

The DVD is broken into three sections — arms, abs, and legs and buns — which are each divided into two parts, giving the user six workouts. My favorite section is the one for the legs and buns, and it's really the one I almost always do when I pop in this DVD. I've always been relatively thin, but if I am ever to gain weight, then it's going to happen in my lower half. It's also just always been the tougher section of my body to tone.

That was, however, before I met Tamilee.

I bought this video 4 – 5 years ago, and it completely revolutionized the way I thought about shaping up my lower body. Prior to doing this video, I had always thought of strength exercises, like squats and lunges, as second-rate when compared to my favorite activity, running.

But then, I started to see results. Not only did the video get my legs and bum toned, but I also felt much stronger when I was powering through a run. 'Till this day, Tamilee is my go-to gal when I'm feeling a little extra junk in the trunk or just want to feel stronger in my legs. And even when I don't feel like doing it, I remind myself that it only takes 15 minutes and it's over before I know it!

Share please! What are your favorite workout videos?