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Icky Surgery and Double Dream Hands

by caroline

It's been a l-o-o-o-ng day. As I explained before, my husband, Dan, required surgery on his torn meniscus — and today was the day! (It was not nearly as exciting as I just made it sound.)

We spent a lot of time filling out papers, waiting, filling out more papers, waiting in the prep room, waiting some more and making goofy jokes in the recovery room while Dan woke up from surgery. We are just getting home now, and Dan is resting and doing OK. Plus, I've heard he has the best nurse in town. ;)

Dan is a professional dancer and with that comes a full day of dancing, turning, jumping, lifting and sweating it out for 8 – 10 hours a day. I think it's a unique job in the sense that not many of us can say we "get" it, seeing as how his average work attire is ballet shoes and tights.

I can't say enough about how much I admire the athleticism and true hard work that comes with this profession. Especially, when you get a glimpse of the other side that can come hand-in-hand with it, including sore feet, exhaustion, all-over body aches and, sometimes, surgery. (Eeek.)

Tomorrow I will be back to my normal schedule with exception, of course, of my nurse-ly duties. But in the mean time, I leave you with my more recent discovery of Ellen's adoration of John Jacobson's "Dream Hands" routine. I had an opportunity to see it during her 50th birthday show, and fell in love with it. Can you imagine having this much pep in your step?

** Top photo by sskettering.