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by caroline

I haven’t forgotten about y’all — don’t worry! Today has been a busy, busy day of writing. In the mean time, I give you this picture of Emerson having some fun in a box. (Yes, we are still unpacking … you call it lazy, we call it taking our time.) Dan noticed him sniffing and poking at it this morning and said, “I think he wants to get in it.” Alas, daddy was right.

I’d like to think Emerson and his box excursions are similar to the imaginary worlds I journeyed to as a child. I used to solve “mysteries” in my family’s living room, using Scotch tape to pick up fingerprints and uncover clues. My backyard was where my sister and I would go hiking and pick “sugar cane” (i.e. weeds on the hill about 20 feet from our back porch), and simply walking along the garden hose strewn across the yard was reason enough to get lost in an imaginary land.

I sure hope Emerson is having half as much fun.

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