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In Review.

by caroline

Well, hello there, vacation, — we’ve arrived!

That’s right: We rolled into the Thousand Islands around 4:30 yesterday, parking right at the corner of Heaven and Absolute Bliss. Not only is this place completely breathtaking, but I can almost promise you there’s something special in the air that causes visitors to dial it back a notch and take a breather. It’s like the smell of fresh muffins floating through the air in the morning — something about it makes you feel all googly inside.

So far today, I’ve hit the pavement with Luke and Amanda for a 6.5-mile run, made waffles, went for a ride on our Jet Ski, dove in the water (chilly!) and took in some scenery:

See what I mean? Just makes you want to sigh and say, “Ahhhhhh ….

Seeing as how this is an annual tradition, vacation often feels like a marker of the passage of time. Like the first day of school or celebration of a wedding anniversary, vacation allows me time to reflect — on my life, the last year, my goals and plans for the coming months.

It’s an opportunity to take “inventory” of my world, and I try to take full advantage of it.

And since we’re being all reflect-y, I thought it would be a good time to review a few of my favorite posts and to give you a chance to learn more about me (especially, if you haven’t been reading since the beginning). In no particular order, here they are:


G’bye Gluten: My thoughts on discovering I have Celiac disease and how I’ve learned to deal with eating gluten-free. It might feel like a curse, but I promise the positives outweigh any negative that may be associated with going gluten-free.


Life’s a Bowl of Cherry Filling: Gluten-free black forest cupcakes that will completely rock your world. No jokes, people.



Five of My Favorite Pilates Exercises: No gym required! I have always found these exercises to be therapeutic when dealing with an injury or helping to correct scoliosis (which is the issue that originally got me interested in Pilates).


10 Things: Ten facts about me — some might surprise you. (Not for those who have a problem with my tendency to swear like a sailor … oops.)



You’re Gonna Need a Fork: Thai tofu pizza that can hold it’s own to the meatiest of pizzas. Be sure to observe the rules of eating this pizza, including #5 — “This dish is NOT appropriate for a first date or guests you seek to impress.”


Have fun y’all, and enjoy this wonderful holiday weekend. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a special someone something calling my name: