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it's a win-win kinda day.

by caroline

So guess what, cupcakes? Very early this morning I picked the winner and second-prize winner of Smoothies & Juice Week and they were:



Can you believe it?! Both winners –– Beth and Amanda –– were one after the other in the comments section. I’ve never had that happen before!

Here were their comments in answer to the question: “What’s your guilty pleasure?”

Beth, you are receiving the following:

As the second-prize winner, Amanda, will receive a copy of The Green Smoothie Miracle: Your Way to Increased Energy, Weight Loss, and Happiness.

Guess what ladies?! That means it’s time for you to send me your details!

Please send your address and to

Thank you to everyone who made Smoothies & Juice Week a blast! If you missed the goodies, then be sure to catch up on the recipes:

Congratulations Beth and Amanda!  And happy day to all of you, my lovely sweet peas.