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i heart vacation.

by caroline

Hey there, cupcakes. 

I’m on vacation at the always wonderful Thousand Islands. If you’ve been with me since I started this blog, then you know that the Thousand Islands is in upstate New York and it’s the place my family has been vacationing every year since I was an infant.. It’s a tradition that has been passed along through my mother’s family who also called this beautiful place their vacation spot while my mom was growing up.

A glimpse so far …

 My brother, Luke, and I went stand up paddleboarding and, while we were met with some rough waters and had to stay on our knees for most of the time, it was quite the adventure! I’m so happy that we have the opportunity to paddleboard here –– it’s the coolest feeling to be gliding along the water. Plus, it’s a great workout (you can burn 500 to 700 calories per hour)!

Of course, there’s always scenery to be enjoyed …

And fuzzy kitten moments (my brother’s kitten, Calvin) …

Fun, right?!

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