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Jam-Packed Fun!

by caroline

Guess who had a completely fab weekend?! Meeeeee!!!!

Here's the thing: It was such a whirlwind of fun that I was a little shocked when I went to bed last night and realized we managed to squeeze it all in! How about a review? As I mentioned on Friday, we started out the weekend by heading to Dan's mom, Kaci's, house in West Palm Beach.

What a beautiful place!

Friday evening was rather chill since we spent the day traveling. We ordered some yummy eats from Cabana, and spent the night eating and chatting poolside.

Then, Saturday morning it was go-go-go! I woke up early and set out for an easy run along Flagler Drive which has a nice little path that spans much of the coast that makes up West Palm Beach. Rounding the corner just off of Kaci's street, I saw this:

And then, this …

Stunning, right?! After I was done running, I went for a cool-down walk and took a break by sitting on this wall, letting my feet hang over the side:

I kept the run to 3.2 miles and went at an easy pace because right after I was done running, it was time for a Pilates class with Kaci! I know it was a workout-central morning, but I couldn't not take advantage of a run on such a beautiful day.

Before Pilates, I had a bowl of Greek yogurt, berries, raw walnuts and a drizzle of honey. Yummy!

We took Pilates at Pilates Studio 1, and it was completely awesome. It was a nice — albeit slightly painful! — reminder of just how much I need this form of exercise in my life. I love Pilates, and even though I am certified to teach it, I have allowed it to slip out of my usual routine. Well, now my sore ribs, triceps and lower abs won't let me forget it!

After Pilates, Kaci had a few errands to run, so Dan and I decided to take a ride on the Vespa. Let me preface this by saying that I am not exactly a motorcycle or scooter kind of gal, so for the first 10 minutes of our ride, I kept my eyes closed. I know — I'm a baby! Don't worry, mom, we wore helmets.

Me, trying to look cool …

Doesn't my fair skin just crack you up?! I kept saying to Dan that I must look like such an obvious tourist because my paleness certainly didn't belong! ;)

As we were getting ready to go for a ride, I told Dan I wanted to check out a restaurant on Clematis Street called The Raw Kitchen. Before leaving for West Palm Beach I sent out a tweet seeking gluten-free restaurant suggestions specific to West Palm Beach, and received a wonderful response from @glutenfreewpb (check out more Palm Beach restaurant suggestions, here). The one I was most excited about? The Raw Kitchen! The menu included fresh juices and noodle dishes made from fresh zucchini "pasta". Sounded perfect! So, you can imagine my disappointment when we showed up and found out it was only open for dinner on Saturdays. Bummer!

But my disappointment was quickly squashed by my discovery that there was a Green Market just down the street!

Oh, and I was even more tickled when I realized I would be able to get my fresh juice after all! Dan and I spotted this stand which served up smoothies and veggie juices, and I almost started jumping up and down. It was so hot outside and something about fresh veggie juice on ice sounded so refreshing. Mine was a carrot, beet, apple, ginger and cucumber mix. Wonderful!

This was yummy, yummy in my tummy!

After walking around the Green Market for a bit, Dan and I headed back to his mom's house, but not before stopping to take a gander at this gi-mormous tree. I can't remember what kind of tree it is, but when his mom pointed it out to us the night before, she mentioned that it was 150 years old. These pictures don't even do the tree justice, but they will give you an idea of just how amazing it was to stand next to it.

Me, trying to hug the tree (below) — almost there! :D

Next on the agenda was lunch at Belle & Maxwell's, a wonderful Parisian-style cafe. Not only was I completely enamored with the style of the cafe, but the menu was to die for! Dan and his mom opted for sandwiches, while I had the Spinach Salad (minus the gorgonzola) and a side of their baked fries. Let's just say the salad was very good, but the fries were I was completely in love and I must find a way to recreate them. Holy moly!

In fact, I was so satisfied that the combination of my full tummy and the morning of fun in the sun seemed to make me one sleepy girl! Apparently, I wasn't the only one because we all ended up taking cat naps before heading off to our next destination — the hair salon. Kaci treated Dan and I to posh hair cuts which was oh-so-nice because we were both in desperate need of some hair attention!

With our sleek dos, we headed out to see Water for Elephants. I read the book and really enjoyed the movie. It's a dark story, but the cinematography was gorgeous and I felt like it did the book justice. It was tough, however, to watch some of the animal abuse that happens in the film — it made me want to run home and hug my kitties! Dinner was sushi, and then it was time to call it a night. With an 8 a.m. flight, we all hit the hay around 10:30 — I was out like a light.

Our flight on Sunday morning took us to Pittsburgh, so that I could also see my mommy on Mother's Day. Yay! We had a wonderful dinner and Isaac made another one of his famous cakes (Betty Crocker's Gluten-Free Yellow Cake mix). How sweet is he?

We also spent a bit of time making sure we snagged a family photo. Of course, with six personalities and two goofy teenage boys, getting a good one can take a lot of tries. And we end up with a lot of moments like this:

We finally got a good one! Love these people:


The weekend really was great, and I love traveling and experiencing new things. Now, I'm ready to get back into the kitchen! The tough part? Deciding what to make! We'll just have to see what I come up with …

I'm curious: What's your favorite part of traveling?