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keeping things spicy.

by caroline

I’m all about potatoes and one of my favorite ways to eat ’em is in their baked, french fry form, like Dan made in this How to Make the Perfect French Fry post.

So, when Dan and I decided on burgers for dinner tonight (red meat for him, veggie for me), our first instinct was to go with the ol’ tried and true. But then, I started thinking about the Lemon-y Dill Rainbow Potato Salad that I made for our housewarming party and decided it would be a nice change from the usual. Plus, it was in the mid-60s in Pittsburgh today, so I thought the side dish was very appropriate for the warmer temperature!

I halved the recipe for us (we’re just two people!) and we will still have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow. So, make it as it is below (for a party) or cut in half for a smaller soirée.

Lemon-y Dill Rainbow Potato Salad

by The G-Spot

Keywords: boil appetizer salad side vegan vegetarian gluten-free potatoes

Ingredients (12-14 servings)


Boil potatoes until tender, remove from heat and drain excess water.

Place potatoes in a large bowl. Add mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, 1 Tablespoon of dill, lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. Stir ingredients, mashing potatoes against side of bowl, until potato chunks are created and ingredients are thoroughly combined.

Garnish with remaining Tablespoon of dill and serve.

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When I made this for our party, everyone loved it, but my dad simply could not get enough of it! I sent him home with the leftovers because I knew he would enjoy it with his lunch the next day. So, I was happy to make this again and really get to taste it. (Why is it that when you host a party, it’s hard to take time to enjoy the food?)

I love how pretty this dish is! The purple potatoes really give it a nice punch of color, right?!


Today was a busy day, so I needed to make my workout a quick one for Day Six of the Abs Challenge (plus I was still hurtin’ from yesterday’s workout).

After a 3.5-mile trail run in this gorgeous weather, I did a few moves from this Fitness magazine workout. The workout says to do 10 reps of each move, or pick a few moves and do 2 sets of 12 reps. I went with the latter and did the following:

  • Trimming Tap
  • Sizzling Swing (I was not a fan of this one.)
  • Get-Lean Lift
  • Side Slimmer
  • Play It Straight

I’ll be honest: This wasn’t my most favorite workout, but it was different and I like to change things up. Since I am doing some sort of core work every day for 30 days, I think it’s important to keep things spice-ay.

Happy Wednesday evening to you! ♥