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let there be hope.

by caroline

No sooner did I put up yesterday’s post that I began to see the news trickle in.

Explosions at Boston Marathon.

Multiple people injured.

Buildings on lockdown.

I was once again –– seeing as this seems to be happening all too often these days –– in shock that people’s lives were being affected and taken as a result of senseless acts of destruction.

It seems our first reaction is often associated with one that shames humanity. A the-world-is-an-awful-place mentality, if you will. And don’t you get me wrong for one damn second: To all of those who are grieving, scared and coming to terms with this senseless act –– I am not asking you to shake off your feelings of hatred and disgust. YOU go ahead and feel those feelings in whatever way you feel necessary. Cry, scream, feel angry. Your healing will come in time.

After all, those of us who are here to offer our support will be the ones who begin to rebuild your walls of hope. Looking for answers and sharing reassuring messages of our faith in humankind.

The American flag stands tall in the midst of chaos at Monday's 2013 Boston Marathon.

And from a woman, Linda, who was running the race: ” I will find the strength … The terrorist will never EVER maim my heart, my spirit, or my drive to live life out loud. Got that?”


This final message and the ones I’ve already shared are exactly what I and so many other supporters will be holding in our hearts during the aftermath that follows. To all of you friends, healers and believers, I ask that each time you hug a loved one and feel his or her arms around you, smile with gratitude. When your furry friend cuddles up next to you, let that love open your heart to those who might need it. Breathe in the smell of your child’s hair and bask in the glow of daylight. After all, it is your overflowing faith that will help this nation to heal once again.