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kitchen essentials with zestt

by sincerelycaroline

As someone who so much appreciates the support this community offers each one of us, I love introducing new people to all of you. That’s why I was so pleased when I recently had the opportunity to learn more about Benita Goldblatt and Jess Diehl, founders of zestt, a new online retailer and home accessories brand. I was smitten with their story: They met when they were 14 years old, became fast friends, created independent businesses in their mid-20s, then ended up where they are today –– building zestt. The two have a definite vision for the company, envisioning it as a place where people come to be inspired, connect with the artists behind their favorite home pieces and, ultimately, create spaces that will be the backdrop for a beautiful life.

As new business owners, the two readily admit that their busy schedules require making health a priority (in order for it to not be quickly forgotten). When they started working on a kitchen and entertaining line, the ladies said they knew they needed well designed basics that would, like them, help their customers easily store food, eat on-the-go and entertain in style.

Read below for a few of their favorites!




1. Remix Kitchen Storage containers: Perfect for storing grains, nuts and other kitchen basics. Their unique shape brings ageometric twist to the countertop and renewable bamboo lids bring warmth to their design.
2. Evo trays: “We’re all about basics that can change,” the two said. “Our evo trays can be used alone in clear acrylic to serve your favorite smoothies and desserts to friends & family.” Want to add some color and pattern? The trays allow you to switch out a variety of inserts that compliment a particular dish.
3. Stockholm tea set: Tea or coffee for a group becomes easy and lovely with this stylish set. Feel ultra-fashinable with the set’s contemporary design, making each cup of goodness taste that much better!
4. Hootie Cookie Jar: “Every kitchen needs a mascot,” the ladies said. “Whether he houses protein bars or your favorite gluten-free treat, Hootie brings a little quirk to the kitchen.”


Want more dining and entertaining details? Check out the zestt site for not only  a stunning variety of home decor, but oodles of tips for anyone who is seeking to beautify his or her space!