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q&a with barre bee fit’s meredith ward

by caroline

So you want a ballerina’s body, minus the tutu and pointe shoes, huh? Gotcha covered. I recently had a chance to check out Barre Bee Fit Pittsburgh‘s lineup of barre-inspired classed and let me tell you: Every inch of me was sore the next day. Sure, I exercise regularly and I’m known for working up a serious sweat at the gym. But these classes have a way of digging into the muscles we tend to miss during our everyday workouts. Each time I left a class I would think to myself, “Ah, yes! There are those inner thigh muscles!” Like Pilates and other core specific fitness regimens, I like to think of Barre Bee Fit’s classes as a method for fine tuning the body.

Check out this interview with Barre Bee Fit Pittsburgh‘s Owner Meredith Ward, then click below to learn a few exercises you can try at home!





sincerely caroline: Tell us a bit about what sets Barre Bee Fit apart from other barre programs.
meredith ward: The Barre Bee Fit program is specially designed to combine cardiovascular conditioning, toning, detoxification, and deep stretching through its variety of class formats, giving clients all the tools they need to meet and exceed their fitness goals. Our classes are always changing and we utilize different props to keep the body guessing, and our clients challenged.

sc: How has Barre Bee Fit changed your view on fitness?
mw: I used to think you had to lift a lot of weight to get toned and defined muscles, but at Barre Bee Fit we use 2 and 3 pound dumbbells, and my arms have never been more toned. Its more about the focus on the movement and the mind body connection.

sc: How will people who exercise regularly benefit from barre style classes?
mw: Our classes use your muscles in a different manner than most workouts. Small controlled movements, lighter weights. It challenges your body in a completely different way than other workouts and makes you focus on each movement. You will build long lean muscles and increase your strength.

sc: What’s your favorite Barre Bee Fit class? Why?
mw: Honestly it changes each week! After a big weekend of eating and celebrating, I crave our cardio based classes: Interval Barre or Barre-dio Interval. Other times I like to sweat it all out in our Barre Burn classes, which is our Bee class done in a heated room. That is why I love Barre Bee Fit there is something for everyone and I can get all my fitness needs met in one place.


sc: What do you think is one of the top excuses holding people back from starting a fitness program?
mw: I think people get intimidated and think they will be judged in class. At Barre Bee Fit we have clients of all fitness levels, and everyone is extremely welcoming. And honestly most people are too focused on themselves in class to notice anything around them.

sc: How would you recommend they overcome it?
mw: Take a deep breath and focus on why you are considering taking a class. Most people come to us to improve their health in some way. Keeping your focus on the big picture makes it easier to take the first step.

sc: What would you tell someone who is on the fence about taking their first Barre Bee Fit class?
mw: Come in and meet us! We are happy to show anyone the studio and talk them through what to expect.

sc: What’s your personal fitness mantra?
mw: There is a line in the Barre Bee Fit mantra that so resonates with me: “We accept the differences that make us beautiful and strive for beauty that makes a difference.” I spent so many years trying to change my body and fight it when really it’s about accepting your body and taking care of it the best way you can –– which includes a glass of wine or piece of chocolate every now and then!


** Barre Bee Fit Pittsburgh’s new fall schedule kicks off today, Monday, September 9th. Check out their online schedule for a list of classes and take advantage of their New Client Special: One Month of UNLIMITED classes for $80! New students can also drop in for a special single class rate of $8 –– a $10 savings off the usual drop-in rate. Not a Pittsburgh local? Check out to discover a studio near you!