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q&a with powercakes’ kasey arena

by caroline

I recently had the opportunity to chat with one of my favorite bloggers, Kasey Arena, founder of POWERCAKES. Kasey’s blog is packed with fitness tips, healthy recipes and a day-in-the-life look at what it means to be a personal trainer, Under Armour Brand Ambassador, FitFluential Ambassador, business owner and more. Kasey’s famous #powerbowlchallenge is a hit on social mediums like Twitter and Instagram, challenging readers to pack healthy ingredients into a bowl and post pics of their creations.

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sincerely caroline: How has sharing fitness and nutrition tips with readers helped further shape your personal healthy living goals?
kasey arena: I think I could literally go on & on about this one! Starting my blog has completely changed my life, for the better! I never thought that starting two years ago just sharing recipes & my daily fitness tips would have led me to connect with so many amazing people. Through their support for what I do, I have been able to open up honestly about my triumphs yet struggles that I deal with at the same time. We are all human and I truly believe that when more of us show how it’s okay to completely be ourselves, we unknowingly give others the courage to be 100% themselves. Hence my “be true to you” motto that I live by. Through my blog I’ve been able to open up about some hang-ups of mine, especially my post titled “Checking myself before wrecking myself.” I honestly shared my stories of “food rules” I used to put on myself and wasn’t finding a balance with healthy foods vs. other foods. I opened up about these rules I put on myself and that was my turning point. I am not at a much happier place and the support from my readers help make it possible.

sc: One of the things your blog is most famous for is your Powerbowls, which is kind of like an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink health food mashup stuffed into one gorgeous bowl. What’s your favorite Powerbowl of the moment?
ka: Your description is PERFECT! Seriously. The one day I just threw a bunch of leftovers from the fridge into a bowl and it fueled me for the whole afternoon. Therefore, it gave it me POWER & the powerbowl was created! It’s a fun way to give each other ideas for meals! It’s not about who eats the most colors or who eats the “healthiest” – it’s all about creativity and enjoyment! Finding what foods you like, throwing them into a bowl, & taking a fun picture to share! My go-to powerbowl which is always my favorite is a base of greens tossed with some vinegar, liquid stevia, dijon mustard, nutritional yeast, & seasonings. Then adding in roasted squash (I’m a kabocha addict), with hemp seeds, olives, hummus, veggies, & then protein of choice!

sc: What do you think is one of the top excuses holding people back from starting a fitness program? How would you recommend they overcome it?
ka: I think one of the top reasons that people are hesitant about starting a fitness program is that they think they “can’t” do it. I get a lot of people that approach me saying “I really want to take your class but I don’t think I can do what ______ (insert name here) can!” or seeing a workout and instantly thinking “There is no way I can do that!”

Negative thinking is what holds us back most often. It’s that voice inside our head that’s saying “I can’t” or “it’s too hard”. Unless you’ve got an injury that is holding you back from a certain move, you never know if you can something until you try! Any move can most likely be modified to your ability. Meaning, if you aren’t able to do a full burpee, try just walking your feet out & back in. Then eventually work up to doing a full burpee over time! Small steps in the right direction are still steps in your own right direction.

sc: What’s your personal fitness mantra? How do you work to live by it each day?
ka: “Be true to you” is my mantra all day every day. I think in the fitness world, and the world in general, we often compare ourselves to other people. We see pictures and want to look like someone else and think we’re less than if we don’t. We also look at other peoples eating choices and think we’re doing something wrong if we don’t’ eat like them. I work really hard to help people accept themselves for who they are and OWN IT. Looking to other people for inspiration & motivation instead of comparing themselves to that person. It’s hard and I understand that, but finding love with fitness & food starts with finding love with yourself. You taking the steps to get healthier is really you loving yourself more to want to take care of yourself. Be true to you & find what it is you like to do! The more you enjoy your fitness, the more you will want to do it. I work to live by this motto everyday. I don’t try and sway my decisions with fitness and food based on trying to be like someone else, but instead I get inspired by others to try new things or eat a new food! Finding enjoyment is what I aim to do in life.


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