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love your body with yoga

by caroline

* Add these five heart-opening poses to your practice for a feel-good flow!

Cow Pose: Draw your chest forward through the gates of your arms


Cat Pose: Pause and breathe in between the shoulder blades as you arch your upper back


Shoulder-Rinsing {Forward Fold}: Make a shoulder distance loop in a strap or a belt, and slip your arms into it behind your back. Make the strap taut by opening your wrists out into the strap. Draw your shoulder blades together, and lift the tops of your upper arm bones away from the floor.


Heart Opening Lunge: Make sure front knee is aligned over the ankle. Lift your frontal hip bones up toward your ribs to take arching out of the low back. Interlace your hands behind your back. Coil your shoulder blades up into your chest as you arch up and backwards. Your gaze can stay facing forward, or you can slightly drop your head back. (Lather, rinse, repeat on left side.)


Dancer Pose: Bring your feet together to touch. Pick up your right foot and catch ahold of the ankle or foot behind you. Send the flesh of your buttocks down toward your heel, and draw the shoulder blades together as you lean slightly forward. Attempt to keep the hips square. Switch sides.