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Luke's Weekend.

by caroline

What a weekend! I missed y’all, but to be honest — there wasn’t a free moment to spare. That’s because we were busy, busy prepping for my brother Luke’s graduation party. It was a wonderful time! I’ll let the pictures do a bit of the talking:

I spent all of Saturday night putting these photo poster boards together — what an emotional roller coaster:

And, of course, what’s a party meant for celebrating exciting life changes without a few embarrassing photos? :)

Getting all four of us on cue for a picture can be quite the task …

And even after several takes, there is inevitably someone with his or her eyes closed (Luke) and a teenager who doesn’t want to smile with his braces (Isaac). Oh, well …

Snow cone machine! How cool is this?

Gluten-free, too!

Amanda whipped us up a batch:

Yum! I haven’t had a snow cone in forever. This was fun!

It was a beautiful weekend and I couldn’t have been more happy for my brother. I can’t believe my baby is growing up! We’re about to hit the road again, so I’ve got to fly (I know — talk about a short post). But I have some exciting things coming up this week, including an interview with a special gluten-free guru. Can’t wait!

Have a very happy Monday!