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Meet the Staff

by thegspot

caroline: Founder of The G-Spot. Gluten-free gal extraordinaire. Completely type-A (the nice way of saying she's neurotic). Long-distance runner. Hot yoga freak. Lover of baked goods, and faithful subscriber to the notion that a hearty salad and chocolate are two things that can make everything seem A-OK in this world (but not at the same time). And, yeah, she's a cat lady (minus the pink hair rollers and t-shirts featuring fuzzy kittens). Read more here.


dan: Household chef (not to be mistaken with household baker — see above). Artist, certifiable coffee addict (but not just any coffee will do) and a firm believer that there's no such thing as a butter substitute. Oh, and he's Caroline's husband, too.



emerson: Resident teddy bear.  Wants to snuggle the moment you are ready to walk out the door. A tad bit shy, but always taking care of others (he is Madeline's personal groomer). His favorite food … is food.


cooper: An undercover CIA agent. Keeps things running smoothly and is known to hold the fort down when the humans are out and about. Plays fetch. Yes, fetch. Favorite food item: Anything oat-related — loves himself a solid Kashi cracker.



simon: Best dog anyone could ever ask for. Seriously, there's no need for a pooch with this guy around. The Gandhi of the cat world. Always a lover never a fighter. His blankie is a green string he carries everywhere. Favorite food: Kisses.


madeline: The little one. Sweet, fluffy and with four brothers to baby her, she leads quite the princess-y life. Loves to be looked at. Will roll over when spoken to softly. Food favorite: Anything meat-related.



More staff members coming soon!

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