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My Runnin' Legs.

by caroline


I’m feeling oh-so-good today because … you’ll never guess … I did a walk-RUN workout this morning! I can’t possibly express how excited I was yesterday when I decided to test out my healing leg and run a bit during my walk — and it didn’t hurt! Sure, there were a few aches and kinks to work out, but other than that I was good-to-go.

Of course, I am taking it slow (promise). Even though this has been a fast-healing injury (the fastest I’ve ever experienced), I don’t want to push my luck. I will be easing into things slowly this week, and continuing to focus on strength training and proper stretching.

But — OMG — it felt so good to move my arms and legs in that manner. I know it’s only been a little more than a week without it, but GAWD I missed running. It took some major willpower to stop when it was time for the “walk” portion of the walk-run, but I made myself do it because I really don’t want to mess with my progress.

So, I warmed up with a 4-minute walk, then ran for 1 minute/walked for 2 minutes and repeated the run walk through 31 minutes. I then cooled down with another 4-minute walk and stretched for about 10 minutes (more stretching to come later in the day — I’ve become quite the stretcher!).

I also did a few moves from this workout:

  • Deadlift and Bent-Over Row Combo
  • Thruster
  • Sumo Squat and Curl (at right)

I added single leg squats to this lineup because I have been trying to do some training where I focus on my muscles separately. This helps me to develop each one individually, instead of, for example, relying on the right leg to do extra work for my lazy left leg. I used 10-lb dumbbells and did 3 sets of 15 for each of the four moves.


After getting my groove thang on, I decided it was time to give my muscles a bit of food R&R with a Green Monster packed with a special punch — Vibrant Health’s Joint Vibrance Powder. Dan and I picked this up the other day after making a trip to our favorite local health store, Health Foods Unlimited. (LOVE this place!) We were looking for something that would work well for his knee and my tendency to put excess stress on my body as a result of running, and thought this was a good fit. I’ve had Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance Powder before and loved the product, so I was confident this mix would do the trick!

(Aren’t you loving that Cheshire cat mug?) The makers of the product take the guesswork out of things by listing the product’s gluten-free status right on the label, making it easy for the consumer. It has a wonderful nutty, cinnamon-ish taste that paired wonderfully with the regular Green Monster ingredients. The powder is packed with glucosamine, collagen (making joints oh-so-smooth), grape seed extract, chondroitin (helps keep cartilage healthy) and others. It takes a couple of weeks of using the product to feel its effects, but I have a hunch we’ll be feeling like the Tin Man in no time (except for the part where we’re not on a search for our hearts). Well-oiled joints here we come!

Happy Tuesday — Enjoy your day!