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on the go.

by caroline

Today has been busy, and tonight is even busier. But you know if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that I always have some sort of plan for feeding my stomach. Even if it’s with one of the easiest recipes that ever existed …

No-Hassle Chili!

All you need are a few simple ingredients …

… and presto!

I can’t express enough just how easy this chili is to make — and I LOVE how filling it is! keeps me happy when I’m hard at work. :D

I’m curious: What are your favorite recipes for on-the-go days and nights?


Speaking of busy days: We all know that sometimes it is ridiculously hard to squeeze in time for exercise when our schedules seem like there is next-to-nothing in terms of room for sweating it out. I have felt like that a lot this week, but I decided that today I was really going to make time to get my heart pumping a bit.

I went straight from work to the local park, parked my car and hit the trails. I was feeling really good about my run until about 1.5 miles in when I started to experience a rather uncomfortable tightening in my chest. I kept pushing, but the feeling didn’t go away. I really didn’t want to stop and walk (I’m incredibly stubborn), but something told me I should.


The truth is, I can be pretty hard on myself. I push and push under the premise that giving up is just not acceptable. And, sure, it’s one of my best qualities. But it’s also one of my worst. I’ve spent a lot of time pushing myself and I feel like I am at a point in my life where I’m learning that sometimes it’s OK to stop in walk. Sometimes it’s OK to just breathe.

I’m not saying I’m a changed woman. I will probably always be a little Type-A and wacky. But I’m learning to try to just take it easy sometimes and stop being so hard on myself.

Once the stress of my day stopped messing with the fluidity of my breath, I did start running again, and finished my run strong. Could I have pushed through those initial feelings? Maybe. But I think it’s OK that I didn’t, ya know?

What about you? What tactics do you use to “check in” with yourself?