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by caroline

There are certain smells that can simply make anyone feel all oogly-googly inside.

The smell of your lover’s perfume or cologne. 

The way a baby’s head smells when you nestle your nose into his or her soft hair. 

The smell of a crisp fall day as a breeze dances across your face. 

Oh, baby, that’s exactly how this banana bread made me feel this morning as it worked its magic in my oven. Oogly-googly, I tell ya. 

I added some walnuts drizzled with maple syrup and my all-time favorite coconut water, Vita Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water. Yummy, yummy in my oh-so-parched tummy. Vita Coco’s coconut water is my go-to for a post-workout quencher. I sweat like a beast and rehydration is always in order.

Here are the goodies …


I discovered a whole new love for my Vita Coco after taking just one bite of this bread. The water gave the bread a creamy taste and the maple walnuts crisped in the oven, making this bread an absolute score in this girl’s heart.

I’m definitely adding this to the oogly-googly list. ;)