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by caroline

Last night, Dan and I headed to dinner at the one-and-only Wellesley Hotel. OMG, I love this place. Not only is it the site of our wedding reception, but the atmosphere and food just makes you feel good all over. Walking into Thousand Islands Park (the home of The Wellesley Hotel) is like stepping into a parallel universe where people drive golf carts and bikes to get around town, the local ice cream shop looks like it hasn’t changed since the 1950s, and the people take an extra moment to offer a friendly hello or smile. It’s wonderful.

Dinner smiles:

The menu options are so fresh and tasty, it’s tough to decide. One of the best parts? Ordering gluten-free is a cinch. The servers are equipped with ingredient lists for each dish (which is one perk of serving menu items that are simple and clean) and the kitchen takes extra special caution to observe allergies and/or intolerances.

Dan’s salad (isn’t the edible flower so pretty?) …

… my salad (sans croutons and pepperoni).

My dish = Grilled local trout with Bloody Mary relish (tomatoes, onion, olives, garlic, herbs) and a side of mashed potatoes (just fresh herbs + potatoes).

Dan had the beef tenderloin with forest mushrooms and a side of baked onion rings, and steamed squash and zucchini was served for us to share. The restaurant owner also sent out two mini bottles of champagne as a belated anniversary treat — so special, right?

The dinner + the atmosphere + the lovely company = Perfection.

And what would be dinner without dessert? Dan’s was a chocolate biscuit cake with a side of ice cream …

… and mine was the same ice cream that was served alongside our wedding cake (vanilla ice cream with a three berry sauce).

Look familiar?

Gosh, this ice cream was yummy. After dinner it was time for a walk around the park …

Again, look familiar?

It ’twas a perfect night!