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by caroline

OK, so I’ve been chattin’ ya up about this whole Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse thing and here’s the deal, yo.

Starting on Monday, I will embark on a three-week sugar cleanse with the wonderful Jennifer Fugo from the Gluten Free School. My goals are aplenty, but the a few reasons I chose to take this challenge on are the following:

  • I have a serious sweet tooth. No joke — it’s a problem. Between testing out gluten-free recipes and my habit of needing something sweet before bed, it’s gotten to be a little out of control. Time to change it.
  • I am still dealing with some lingering symptoms, despite the fact that I am gluten-free. Migraines, stomach pain and itchy skin rashes are just a few issues that seem to crop up and I always wonder what might be causing them. Another food intolerance or allergy? Maybe. But what if it’s the fact that too much sugar consumption has been wreaking havoc on my immune system, therefore leading to an inability for my body to heal properly? Now’s the time to find out.
  • I want to be the healthiest “me” I can be … and I think limiting the crazy amount of sugar that is in my life is a good place to start. Here goes nothing …

With that said, I have begun what we shall deem a “pre-game strategy” in an effort to make the transition from sugar central to sugar cleanse as smooth as possible.(Trust me — this is a good thing for all parties involved.)

I had a busy day planned today, starting with an early morning yoga class with the always-amazing Darcy at Yoga Flow. My sis’, Amanda, joined me and we sweated it out for the next hour before heading home.

Breakfast was a Green Monster with a scoop of almond butter (I was not very hungry this morning) followed by a Peanut Butter Cookie LARABAR when I started to get hungry while running some errands. LOTS of water was involved too — gotta flush the system!

After a light morning, I came home and was pretty hungry, so I made some tuna “tacos” (tuna, chickpeas, mayo, chopped celery and sliced avocado rolled in romaine lettuce leaves) with a side of berries.

Then, I was still hungry, so I had two slices of gluten-free toast with a scoop of hummus on each. Made my tummy happy.

A note about fruit: While I am on this sugar cleanse, I am allowed to have fruit, but I have been advised that it is best to eat ones that are low on the glycemic index, including berries and grapefruits. Curious about what the glycemic index is? Check this out for a list of some common foods:

[Photo from]

According to, the table below shows values of the Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL) for a few common foods. GI’s of 55 or below are considered low, and 70 or above are considered high. GL’s of 10 or below are considered low, and 20 or above are considered high. (Learn more about the glycemic index here, and find a searchable list of foods from

Hence, the berries with lunch. Of course, this morning’s banana in my Green Monster was technically a no-no in the low-glycemic, sugar cleanse world, but we’re weening here, people. Weening.

Dinner is a toss up between two yummy recipes — my veggie + rice stirfry (simple, but delicious) with fish or millet patties. Opinions?

Happy Friday!