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purely awesome.

by caroline

I love to bake. Some of my all-time favorite recipes lie amongst the many cookie creations I have dreamed up while contemplating how I might add a bit more sweetness to my gluten-free life.

But, let’s face it: There’s not always enough time in a day to concoct a baking scheme from thin air. Sometimes, we have to rely on what we can find in the store. But who said it had to be a compromise? Not I, I tell you. Not I.

I recently had an opportunity to try purely elizabeth‘s Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix and I’ll admit –– at first I was skeptical. After all, it’s not often that we discover a cookie mix who can fill the big and yummy shoes of a cookie fresh out of the oven.

But, alas, my sweet tooth was pleasantly surprised by these tasty fellas. purely elizabeth‘s spin on the ho-hum chocolate chip cookie mix is gluten-free and uses vegan chocolate chips, roasted almond flour and coconut palm sugar to create a wonderful delight.

Some more stats:

  • gluten-free certified
  • certified vegan
  • non-GMO project verified
  • free of refined sugar
  • sweetened with organic coconut sugar, a nutrient rich, low glycemic sweetener
  • no artificial colors or flavors
  • millet flour = an ancient grain high in B vitamins
  • almond flour = high in vitamin e and magnesium
  • garbanzo fava bean flour = rich in protein and fiber
  • Aztec superfood chia seeds = providing excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and antioxidants
  • made with over 70% organic ingredients certified through Vermont Organic Farmers

Check out the grains in these babies:

This is one of those cookies we can deem healthy, right? Mmmk, good … thought so.

Yummy bites:

With apple sauce, oil and vanilla extract being the only required additions, I mixed this batter up in three minutes flat. Perfect for a night when you’re short on time, but chocolate is a necessity.

While munching on cookies, I also tried two of purely elizabeth‘s granolas. Now, before I further discuss these granolas, I find it necessary to mention that I am completely obsessed with gluten-free granola. If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, then you are well aware there was a week where I posted a new granola recipe every day.

But that’s a healthy problem, right?

purely elizabeth has four different granolas, but the two I tried were the Original Ancient Grain and Blueberry Hemp Ancient Grain.

Yum, yum and YUM.

Both mixes are made with all natural, organic and gluten-free ingredients, including quinoa, amaranth, chia seeds and raw virgin coconut oil.

Some more stats:

  • gluten-free certified
  • certified vegan
  • non-GMO project verified
  • free of refined sugar
  • soy free
  • organic ingredients whenever possible
  • good for you fats
  • sweetened with organic coconut sugar, a low-glycemic, nutrient rich sweetener
  • no artificial colors or flavors
  • hand baked

I am definitely adding these store bought versions to my repertoire for weeks when whipping up a homemade batch just doesn’t seem to be an option.

Next on my purely elizabeth agenda? Ordering one of these t-shirts. How cute is this?!