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purely awesome

by caroline

This past May, Dan and I had the opportunity to visit purely elizabeth‘s offices while we were visiting NYC for book shenanigans. (Lucky us, right?!!)

Let me tell you: These ladies are totally stellar. In addition to Elizabeth Stein, founder of purely elizabeth, three other ladies WERK that office, scheduling media opportunities, promoting the product, preparing the latest issue of Purely Magazine, and oodles more, all while keeping smiles on their faces.

Want a sneak peek of their digs? You’ve got it!






It was such a pleasure to visit the purely elizabeth offices and chat with all of the ladies. I love learning from successful entrepreneurs, and Elizabeth’s down-to-earth attitude makes it feel like you are chatting with an old friend. While I was there, I asked Elizabeth to dish a bit about her products. The scoop:


sincerely caroline: I’m a granola freak and can’t get enough of purely Elizabeth’s ancient grains cereals! What nook/niche in the cereal world were you seeking to fulfill when you began creating your granola?
elizabeth stein: I was looking to create a product that was made with a better-for-you sweetener, loaded with nutrient rich ingredients and that tasted delicious. At the time I was just learning about all these wonderful ingredients, like chia seeds, quinoa, coconut oil and coconut sugar, and realized that nothing on the market was made with them.

sc: Why gluten-free, vegan and no refined sugars?
es: I believe that eating a gluten free, vegan and refined sugar free diet is one of the keys to better health. While I’m not a strict vegan, I try to eat this way most of the time. As a company, I felt like I had a responsibility to provide the healthiest, most delicious products possible.

sc: These days your line includes granola, pancake and cookie mixes, and the new hot cereals, but how does the “purely” lifestyle extend beyond these products?
es: We try to really educate our customers about living purely by providing tips on exercise, diet, lifestyle, etc. It’s the holistic approach to looking at not just what you are eating but everything else that effects your overall health. We now have a quarterly magazine that we put out that promotes all of these aspects of living purely.

sc: What’s your favorite kitchen ingredient of the moment? Why?
es: Right now I would say our oatmeals. I’m so excited to finally be releasing it after conceptualizing it years ago. It’s been fun coming up with different recipe ideas using the oatmeal. I love that it is so versatile and the base of creativity.

sc: What’s your personal motto?
es: Everything in moderation. I live by the 80/20 rule. I think that this is the key to sustainability.


How much do you love that motto?! You know I’m all about balance (green smoothies + gluten-free brownies 4EVA), so the 80/20 rule is right up my alley!

OK, I know … you want some goodies too, right?! Well, in honor of my e-book release tomorrow –– and as a very special thanks to each one of my readers –– I’m giving away a basket of some treats from one of my all-time-favorite companies … you guessed it … purely elizabeth!

What I’m giving away:

Wanna win? All you have to do is make a comment below (via the Facebook comment section OR the regular comment section) about why you are excited to try purely elizabeth’s products (or why you are already a die-hard fan like me) and you will be entered to win. All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST, Tuesday, November 26th. Only one comment entry per person. STARTING FRIDAY, November 22nd, earn an extra entry via Instagram. Check out @thesincerelylife for more details!

Thank you to each one of you for reading and being patient while the e-book hits virtual shelves and the hardcover book makes its way to bookstores in January. I couldn’t do it without each one of you, and now it’s time you earned a reward! ♥ ♥